Bradford Thomas Morton

Brad Morton studied Industrial Design at Auburn University from 1969 through 1972 before declaring his Art major and subsequently earning his BA from The University of Alabama at Birmingham. He earned his MFA in sculpture from the University of Georgia in 1981. Morton’s preferred materials are bronze, cor-ten steel and stainless steel, and his approach to his work is rooted in the idea of ‘truth to the materials”. Some of his cast bronze pieces tend to be organic, natural forms, while others are models for fabricated pieces that utilize smooth lines, flat planes, and hard edges to convey the contemporary minimalism of the man-made world. He has work in public and private collections throughout the country, and his work is currently on exhibit in Alabama and New Mexico.

“I feel like I have traveled full-circle from the time I first became interested in sculpture. I thought I had wasted so much time because of the period I was in Industrial Design, but I began to realize it was the best foundation I could have for building a foundry, setting up my studio, and engineering the large outdoor pieces. After years of honing the skills of bronze casting and steel fabrication, the processes are now second nature to me, and I am again free to approach my work with the fresh excitement of discovery I experienced in the beginning.”           Brad Morton

2119 1st Ave South
Birmingham, Al 35233
205 323-1533  studio | 295 323-1501  fax

Born April 25, 1951, Fairfield, Alabama


Auburn University, Industrial Design, 1969-1972
The University of Alabama-Birmingham, BA, 1978
The University of Georgia, MFA, 1981


  • Shidoni Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1991-2010
  • Lumina Gallery, Taos, New Mexico, 1993-2010
  • E.C. May & Co Fine Arts, Alexandria, Virginia, 1997-2010
  • Alabama Sculptors Exhibition, Fairhope, Alabama, Purchase award, August 2007
  • Elements Transformed: Five Alabama Artists, Alabama State Council on the Arts
  • Gallery, Montgomery, Alabama, February-March 2004
  • Solo Exhibition, Birmingham Southern College, Birmingham, Alabama, October, 2003
  • Group Show, Iron Ore What?, Sloss Furnace Sculpture Yard, Birmingham, Alabama, 2000
  • Group Show, Addison/Ripley Gallery, Washington, DC, February, 1999
  • New Bronze Sculpture, New South Art Gallery, Montgomery, Alabama, May, 1996
  • Methods and Materials of Modern Sculpture, The Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, Georgia, 1994
  • Resident Artists Show, Sloss Furnace National Historic Landmark, Birmingham, Alabama, September, 1992
  • Invitational Exhibition sponsored by Proffits Inc., Chattanooga, Tennessee, June, 1991
  • The Birmingham Festival of Arts, Sloss Furnace Exhibition, Birmingham, Alabama, March, 1991
  • Alumni Invitational, The University of Alabama-Birmingham, November,1990
  • The Fiery Furnace, Birmingham Art Association Invitational Exhibition, Birmingham, Alabama, May, 1990
  • Birmingham Artists Show, Birmingham Museum of Art Invitational Exhibition, Birmingham, Alabama, April/May, 1989
  • Figurative Abstractions in Bronze, Stanley and Schneck Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia, June, 1981
  • One Man Show in Bronze and Steel, United States Naval School Museum, Athens, Georgia, July, 1981
  • Ford Foundation, Materials Grant, The University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia,1981
  • Judges Choice Award, Birmingham Art Association, Birmingham, Alabama, 1977
  • Best of Show Award, Birmingham Art Association, Birmingham, Alabama, 1975


  • Alabama Arts Magazine, Art Trails in Alabama, volume XXI, 2005
  • Contemporary Sculpture, Birmingham Home and Garden Magazine, May, 2003
  • Coat of Many Colors, a Tapestry of Alabama Artists, Produced by the Center for Public Television and Radio, University of Alabama, in partnership with the Alabama State council on the Arts, 2001
  • Canvas, Birmingham Magazine, February, 1999
  • Public Art, Alabama Arts Magazine volume XV number 3, Fall 1999
  • Maquette, Sculpture Magazine, April, 1993


  • “Chai”. Stainless steel, 2ft x 6ft x 10ft tall, N.E.Miles Jewish Day School, Birmingham, Al., 2009.
  • “Sister’s Vigil”,   cor-ten and stainless steel, 12ft x 14ft x 24ft tall, St Vincent’s Hospital, Birmingham, Al, 2008.
  • “Generating Readers”, two figures, bronze, 20in x 30in x 84in tall, Committee on Public Art, Fairhope Public Library, Fairhope, Al, 2007.
  • “The Seton Sisters”, bronze on granite base, 17in x 84in x 11in tall, Seton Hospitals, Dell Children’s Center Board Room, Austin Texas, 2007.
  • “Marker”, cor-ten steel, 8in x 16in x 48in tall, Southpace Properties Corporate Headquarters, Birmingham, Al, 2007
  • “Loblolly  Fountain”, bronze, 16in x 16in x 28in tall, Southern Living Garden, Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Birmingham, Al, 2006
  • “We the People”, five figures, bronze, 9ft x 11ft x 15 ft tall, Alexandria, Virginia, 2006
  • “Lion’s Head Fountain”, Saint Paul’s Cathedral, Birmingham, Al, 2006
  • “Cross and Flame”, bronze, 4 ft x 7 ft, relief, Highlands United Methodist Church, Birmingham, Al, 2006
  • “Contemporary Family”, cast bronze, 2ft x 3ft x 8ft tall, Alabama State Council on the Arts, Montgomery, Alabama, 2002
  • “Tightly Wound Woman”, cast bronze, 5in x 6in x 96in tall, Metropolitan Arts Council at the Virginia Samford Theatre, Birmingham, Al, 2003
  • “Altisimo”, kinetic stainless steel sculpture, approximately 20 ft tall, Altamont School, Birmingham, Alabama, 2002
  • “Drill Sergeant”, cast bronze, 71/2ft tall, United States Army, Fort Jackson, Columbia, South Carolina, 2001
  • “Seminar”, a grouping of six figures in cast bronze and cor-ten steel, approximately 20ft x 30ft x 9ft tall, Altamont School, Birmingham, Alabama, 2000
  • “National IV Infantry (Ivy) Division Memorial Sculpture”, cast and welded bronze, 11ft tall, Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia, 2000
  • “Sisters of Sacred Heart”, stainless steel, approximately 15ft x 15ft x 23ft tall, Sacred Heart Hospital, Pensacola, Florida, 2000
  • “Contemporary Family”, cast bronze, 2ft x 3ft x 8ft tall, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Miami, Florida, 1999
  • “Nike, Winged Goddess of Victory”, stainless steel and cast bronze, 16ft tall National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Birmingham, Alabama, 1999
  • “John W. Kirklin, MD”, cast bronze life-size portrait relief, The University of Alabama- Birmingham, Birmingham, Alabama, 1998
  • “The Save”, cast bronze, 2ft x 5ft x 7ft tall, Healthsouth Corporate Headquarters, Birmingham, Alabama, 1997
  • “Sisters’ Vigil”, stainless steel and cor-ten steel, approximately 8ft x 12ft x 16ft tall, Saint Vincent’s Hospital Foundation, Birmingham, Alabama, 1997
  • “John M. Harbert”, cast bronze, 8ft tall, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Birmingham, Alabama, 1997
  • “The Champion”, cast bronze, 9ft tall, The Alabama Sports Hall of Fame, Birmingham, Alabama, 1992
  • “Crooked Tree”, cast bronze, 3ft x 4ft x 7ft tall, Alabama Orthopedic Group, Dothan, Alabama, 1992
  • “Mother and Child”, cor-ten steel, 2ft x 3ft x 8ft tall, Birmingham Museum of Art, 1992
  • Gift of Irvin and Evelyn Allen, Birmingham, Al
  • “Arthroscopy”, cast bronze relief and surgical instruments, 30in x 40in, Alabama Sports Hall of Fame, Birmingham, Alabama, 1992
  • “Encounters”, cast bronze, approximately 20ft x 30ft x 12ft tall, The University of Alabama- Birmingham, 1989
  • “The Crossing”, cast bronze, 2ft x 4ft x 8ft tall, The University of Alabama-Birmingham, 1986
  • “Three Figures”, cor-ten steel, approximately 20ft x 30ft x 16ft tall, Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce, Mobile, Alabama, 1983
  • “Diptych”, cor-ten steel, 3ft x 6ft x 8ft tall, The University of Alabama-Birmingham, 1976

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